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KeX Mail ( ) is a free web mail client for Google Mail, Hotmail/Live Mail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL/AIM Mail and other mail providers that support POP/IMAP & SMTP. In case these mail services are blocked by your network firewall in office, you still can access to your mails by using KeX Mail. KeX Mail is designed to be used anywhere, Windows/Linux PC, Mac, home or office behind firewall. KeX Mail uses similar Gmail UI, so those Gmail users should feel much comfortable. KeX Mail team is dedicating to build web mail client services with better security, accessibility and user experience.

About KeX Mail Team

KeXMail team is from China. We are passionate in personal messaging and Artificial Intelligence (AI). We believe that a better internet will be built around AI.

Zhou Renjian Founder

Renjian has a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Renjian is also the founder of open source project Java2Script, which is providing a Java to JavaScript compiler and an HTML/CSS based SWT library for RIA development. Before starting WeBuzz.IM and KeXMail, he worked in Shanghai Kortide, a Chinese company developing an independent mobile operating system.